Sunday, January 20, 2013

Davidoff Cigarettes

Davidoff is famous for its tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars and pipeline tobacco. It also develops smoking accessories with the same name which also represents the symbol of elegance. This brand of cigarettes is a popular Swiss brand produced by Imperial Tobacco. The cigarettes are produced under license of Davidoff. On March 11, 1906, in Kiev, present day Ukraine was born Zino Davidoff. His father, Henri Davidoff, was a Jewish tobacco merchant, he had 4 children, but Zino was the eldest. His parents were either cigarette manufacturers in Kiev or cigar merchants.

Davidoff Cigarettes for UK

The symbols of Davidoff cigarettes are luxury and elegance and every smoker or tobacco company identified about this high-quality cigarette brand. These cigarettes were made for a better life and an interesting one. This tobacco brand is a well-known brand.

These cigarettes have a extraordinary flavour and an amazing pack design. They have a luxurious taste presented in stylish packs and represent Davidoff elegance. The packs have the brand name Davidoff in the center – it is the name that will inspire. The cigarette packs have colors that depend on the smoker's preference. Smoking Davidoff you can taste the good life. The love for splendor and classiness makes people support each other and makes them stronger.

Today a available next assortment of Davidoff brand:
Davidoff Black mini, Davidoff Blue, Davidoff Classic, Davidoff Gold, Davidoff Slim Gold 100's, Davidoff Slims Blue, Davidoff Gold Super Slims, Davidoff Silver Super Slims, Davidoff White mini.
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